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If your current adhesives and tapes suppliers are, Flexible enough, Efficient enough, Reliable enough, Cost effective enough and Caring enough then we apologise for wasting your time.....


Most companies we approach admit there is room for improvement in their adhesive supply.

If you are looking for a company that will exceed your expectations in all those areas and you're open to a partnership solution, where your business profits from our experience then read on.

We are at the cutting edge of adhesive development and would like the opportunity to offer our services. We manufacture and supply a wide range of adhesives and ancillaries and offer superb technical back up and support services.


We can

  • Save you Money on your current adhesives and tapes
  • Improve your bonds and adhesive bonding techniques
  • Offer support on new projects and recommend adhesives and tapes when you are dealing with new or difficult substrates
  • Provide free technical back up and support, from the laboratory to your factory floor
  • Offer a variety of adhesives and tapes of all kinds - for most applications

We guarantee flexibility, cost effectiveness and reliability.

We provide for all your requirements, from single units to large bulk supplies.

We cater for the most demanding clients and provide an unparalleled service.

To discover how we can develop a mutually beneficial partnership telephone +44 (01895) 811 422 and speak to us or contact us via our enquiry form.

It's worth finding out how much Dowell Enterprises UK Limited can save you! We already have for many others in a variety of industries.

Glue-4u - "Providing the sticky solutions to get you out of those sticky situations!"

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