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Glue-4u About us

Dowell Enterprises (UK) Limited is a manufacturer and leading distributor, exporter and importer of a variety of adhesives, industrial solvents and chemicals servicing a diversity of industries.

We service accounts of all sizes, locally, nationally as well in international markets. Since 2005 we have been successfully selling our range of products in the UK, Africa, USA, Middle East and now we also service customers as far away as China!

Dowell Enterprises prides itself on the provision of products of the highest quality, competitive prices and reliable service. We also pride ourselves on our ability to develop adhesives that meet the customers' specific needs and to deliver them on time every time. This has been and remains the major reason for our success.

Your adhesive requirement....

Dowell Enterprises provides a full range of adhesives and tapes (including PVA's, starches and dextrin, caseins, hot melt adhesives as well as polyurethane-based adhesives) under the brand of Glue-4u.


We supply adhesives for

  • Paper Converting
  • Packaging
  • Book binding
  • Print finishing
  • Food and Drinks manufacture
  • Product assembly
  • Point of Sale
  • Paper and Plastics

Our trade and technical collaborations guarantee you a quality product first time and every time.

Other areas we specialise in....

We are a dynamic team and with many years of hands on experience in manufacturing and trading, Dowell Enterprises UK Limited is able to source and supply other industrial raw materials including:

  • Industrial solvents
  • Plastic raw materials
  • Resins

............... And more!