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Glue-4u Adhesives for Paper and Plastic

The amount of adhesive used to convert a sheet of paper into a functional envelope or a bag or sac, or a board in to a carton is less then a few grams, furthermore the adhesive will usually be applied in most processes at the end of the conversion and this means that the adhesive has to be correct and problem free.

This is where Glue-4u adhesives get involved and we get it right 1st time and every time!

Whether you are sealing boxes, making security bags, envelopes, bags or sacs, or attaching straws or caps onto juice and milk cartons, we can help.

Considering that demands on production are ever increasing with machines that operate faster, substrates that become more demanding; we ensure that we have adhesive grades that meet these demanding applications

We have in our range many grades to meet your machine speeds, substrates and your budgets as well. Our adhesives are used in the following key areas and it is more then likely that you will have used an item that has the Glue-4u adhesive in its production!

Areas that we cater for in this industry are shown in a flow chart that can be viewed by clicking here.

To best understand your needs in this high volume industry, we would recommend a joint assessment of your operations to understand what properties you are looking for in the adhesive in question.

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